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Satsuma Handcrafted Iced Green Tea - 10 Bag Pouch
Satsuma Iced Green Tea by Orita-en is a Japanese secret for hot summer days. The combination of the cold ice and richly-pure flavor will sharpen you up and cool you down. Iced green tea has a smooth taste without any bitterness as less caffeine is extracted in a cold-water brew. Satsuma iced green tea uses only hand-picked tea leaves grown in the higher-elevation gardens of the Kagoshima region of Japan and produces a soothing aroma and mild taste when brewed. Green tea leaves are dried via steaming or firing before any oxidation occurs. This gives green tea a more delicate flavor than other types of tea. As there is no oxidation process, the leaves retain much of their nutrients and are high in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and anti-oxidants. Green tea has more health benefits in every cup. Individual-serving tea bags in a resealable pouch make enjoying Satsuma iced green tea easy and convenient.