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Sabdariffa Hibiscus
Our Hibiscus tea is of the Sabdariffa species, which is native to India and Malaysia. This crop comes from Egypt, where Hibiscus was first cultivated in the 1960's. Also called guinea sorrel, Jamaica sorrel, and most commonly Roselle, this hibiscus is a tall annual plant that grows throughout the tropics and has flowers with yellow or white petals and a persistent, and bright red calyces. Calyces are the leaf-like structures that protect the flower bud, and they produce a pleasantly acidic flavor. These calyces are clipped from the plant, dried, and used to make tea. This is what you will receive. The calyces can also be chopped, when fresh, and added to fruit salads. They can be stewed as a sauce or filling for tarts and pies. This product looks almost indistinguishable from cranberry sauce. The calyces are also used to make juice, jam, marmalade, relish, chutney, and jelly.