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Paccheri Gragnano IGP Pasta by Pastificio Gentile
Gentile Pasticio is one of the oldest pasta factories in Gragnano, Italy. It was in the 16th century that in the Naples area they learned how to mix and compress this dough through a dye and make PASTA! Since then, 130 factories were founded in Gragnano, and many still exist today, such as Gentile.

The Gentile Family are true artisan pasta makers, carrying on with ancient pasta making tradtions. They use modern equipment to push the pasta mix through a bronze dye and extract long flat strings of pasta, but the pasta is still cut by one of the Gentile brothers and hand placed on a stick.

These classic "Neapolitan" IGP paccheri are ideal for stuffing and baking. This pasta cooks up "al dente", or firm to the bite.

Pasta Gentile bears the PGI (IGP) mark (Protected Geographical Indication) which promotes and protects its name and recognizes its highest quality. The mark ensures that only products genuinely originating in a specific region are allowed to be identified as such in commerce.