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Orange Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Galantino
This all natural infused olive oil is produced by crushing the olives and orange together without the use of any added essences. It is a perfect condiment for dressing your favorite dishes with imagination and for preparing tasty sauces. Olives are one of nature's most noble creations, and producing fine quality olive oil from these wonderful fruits gives the Galantino family great satisfaction.

Discover the passion of the Galantino Family, a family that has been masters of olive oil since 1926. They only select the best olives from their groves near Bari (Apulia), near the Adriatic cost, a region that produces more olives than anywhere else in the world. Even today, in this era of automation, all of Galantino's Ogliarola and Coratina olives are hand-harvested the traditional way, by shaking the branches of the olive trees so that the olives fall gently onto canvas traps. In another nod to tradition, Galantino mills their olives with traditional granite millstones. Through cold extraction and strict quality testing, Galantino ensures that their extra virgin olive oil is consistently the best. With artistic packaging and fresh and smooth qualities, Galantino oils have won the most important international awards and accolades.