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Vermeiren Speculoos Biscuit Spread
You sleep and dream of the taste of speculoos cookies. You wish you could get that for breakfast or even lunch. Every so often wishes come true. Vermeiren has now harnessed that taste in jars of 350g. Made from the same honest ingredients, still 100% vegetable and no salt added. A treat for every child, although grownups have been know to hide their jars!

Since 1919 Vermeiren spiced biscuits have been manufactured following a traditional secret recipe. The dough is carefully kneaded and left to rise for a minimum of 12 hours, thus allowing the dough to absorb the flavors of all the ingredients prior to baking at a very high temperature. Their buyers source the best raw material, including specially selected spices and aromatics from all over the world. Raw cane sugar from the isle of Mauritius, wheat flour from France, Belgium and Germany, cinnamon from Indonesia.