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Kronos Organic Durum Wheat Semolina Flour by Molino Grassi
Qualita Bio was born from Molino Grassi, one of the European leaders of organic farming. This range of flours are a perfect balance between the most ancient grains of the world and the most innovative ones. A perfect mix of nutritional values and original flavors.

KronosĀ® Organic Durum Wheat Semolina is a relatively new breed from the 80s. Kronos began as a challenge for an American breeder, Albert Carleton, who began to sow durum wheat in the depths of Arizona's desert! Within a few years, KronosĀ® became an essential ingredient for all top quality pasta. Molino Grassi has repeated the challenge by adapting Kronos to Italian agriculture. Hundreds of farmers have been involved in this ambitious project and the result is an extraordinary durum wheat, absolutely unequalled in taste, color and gluten strength. Ideal for egg pasta, pasta, and ravioli.

Molino Grassi is the product of three generations, from founder to grandchildren, of innovation in processing soft and durum wheat in Parma, Italy, the most important cereal-growing region of Northern Italy. Molino Grassi began processing soft wheat for breadmaking back in 1934. By the 60s, they began producing semolina flour. By the 90s they had branched into organic flours. Today, as a result of being pioneers in the organic sector, they are the benchmark for organic and food safety guarantee throughout Europe. Molino Grassi begins by selecting the best seeds, it continues in the areas where climatic conditions guarantee optimal growth of the product, giving farmers their support from sowing to harvest, and lastly, after storage and milling, they follow the product through the control phase to ensure quality all the way down to end consumers.

Certified Organic.