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Blackberries Confiture by SiGi
This soft, mellow textured Blackberry jam retains small pieces of fruit. Its sweet intense flavor leaves a slightly tart aftertaste. Perfect spread on toast for breakfast or used in baking fruit tarts.

SiGi was founded in 1996 by Silvano Buccolini and his wife Giuliana Papa in the Marche region of Italy. The company marries Silvano's passion for saving ancient local fruit varieties with Giuliana’s extensive knowledge of traditional Marche recipes to produce specialities such as Sapa, Sour Cherries under the Sun, White Fig Jam and Mulberry jam. SiGi's commitment to traditional Marche fruits and preserves bring the flavors, aromas and colors of the past into the present.

  • All SiGi products are entirely handmade.
  • All SiGi recipes are made following traditional cooking methods.
  • Many old local plant varieties and wild plants have been rediscovered and cultivated for SiGi's recipes.
  • All plants are farmed organically, guaranteeing the purity of the raw ingredients.
  • No chemical thickeners, preservatives or dyes are used in any SiGi products.
  • SiGi products are produced in accordance with the seasonal cycle of the year and preserved with meticulous attention to the preservation techniques.