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Bar40 Bitters - Salt
Salt promotes the release of saliva helping to perceive flavors in a cocktail. Not only does Bar40 Salt help with flavor perception, but it also increases the perceived viscosity of a cocktail. A viscous mouthfeel leads to longer interactions with taste buds, leading to better desirability and an overall rounded and satisfying experience.

Salt is able to suppress bitter and sour flavors while strengthening sweetness. Bar40 Salt can be used at such low levels that it doesn’t have to be detected by the tongue for its functionality. This means that a drink doesn’t have to taste salty in order for the suppression of sour and/or bitter compounds or an increase in sweetness to be noted. Salt also suppresses the bite from alcohol, rendering a smooth flavorful cocktail with its addition. Bar40 Salt has strong aromatic notes of cardamom and nutmeg.
  • Add Bar40 Salt to a cocktail that is overly bitter to balance the flavor profile.
  • Add Bar40 Salt to a cocktail that is overly sour to balance flavor and provide a perceived sweetness.
  • Add Bar40 Salt to a cocktail with an overly harsh alcohol burn, to reduce this sensation.
Bar40 Bitters is a progressive craft bitters company in Toronto. Bar40 makes their bitters to improve the arsenal of creating next level cocktails. The purpose is to allow anyone to make amazing cocktails with ease.

They provide complementary bitters based on the tongue and how we taste flavors. Their bitters are based on the five gustatory taste receptors. Each flavor includes the compulsory bitter component and is paired with either sweet, sour, salty or umami (savory) flavor profiles. This empowers the bar chef or cocktail creator to choose the specific taste profile of their liking for their personalized cocktail creations.

Bar40 hand crafts small batches from organic fruits and spices. Every batch is hand made and is slightly varied. They use neutral grain spirit to bring out the best flavors in their extractions.