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Bar40 Bitters - Sweet
Sweet compounds are associated with ripe, rich, and great tasting foods. It can easily overpower other flavors, especially when the intention is to suppress any unwanted flavors. The addition of Bar40 Bitters Sweet helps to round out the flavor profile of a cocktail. A small amount of Bar40 Sweet can help to make a cocktail more palatable by cutting some of the harsh or overwhelming tastes that can be found in salty, sour, and more noticeably bitter tasting cocktails. The great thing about using Bar40 Sweet is that it will add body and improve palatability of any drink, making it very easy to use. Use it either at high or low concentrations based on what the drinker’s palate prefers. It can also be used to exemplify its sweet scent by being dropped or sprayed on top of a cocktail. Bar40 Sweet has strong aromatic notes of vanilla, cocoa and brown sugar.
  • Add Bar40 Sweet to a cocktail that is overly sour to balance the flavor profile.
  • Add Bar40 Sweet to an overly bitter cocktail to increase palatability.
  • Use Bar40 Sweet to add body and increase desirability for people with sweet-preferred palates.
Bar40 Bitters is a progressive craft bitters company in Toronto. Bar40 makes their bitters to improve the arsenal of creating next level cocktails. The purpose is to allow anyone to make amazing cocktails with ease.

They provide complementary bitters based on the tongue and how we taste flavors. Their bitters are based on the five gustatory taste receptors. Each flavor includes the compulsory bitter component and is paired with either sweet, sour, salty or umami (savory) flavor profiles. This empowers the bar chef or cocktail creator to choose the specific taste profile of their liking for their personalized cocktail creations.

Bar40 hand crafts small batches from organic fruits and spices. Every batch is hand made and is slightly varied. They use neutral grain spirit to bring out the best flavors in their extractions.