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J. Leblanc Pecan Nut Oil
Cooking with nut oils is French tradition, and manufacturing those nut oils is just as much of a tradition for J. Leblanc, which was founded in 1878. Today, J. LeBlanc is still in the same location where it all began in the southern most village of Burgundy, Iguerande in France. It is here that J. Leblanc manufactures the highest quality, small-batch, handcrafted nut oils known throughout the world. Because of their low smoke point, nut oils are not generally used for cooking. Rather, you will find their unique flavor is the perfect finishing touch for many dishes!

Leblanc's pecan oil has a full, robust pecan flavor suitable for salads, baked goods, drizzled on veggies, marinades, or for finishing fish or poultry.

  • Refrigerate after opening to extend the shelf life of this wonderful product.