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Smoked Trout Fillet by Ducktrap
Smoked trout is wonderful to set out for guests at the beginning of a dinner party and also perfect for preparing phenomenal fish pat├ęs and mousses. We absolutely love trout's cool, smoky flavor and its flaky, yet moist texture.

These trout fillets by Ducktrap are gently smoked to retain their natural moisture and texture. Their distinctive mild taste makes this trout the ideal selection for introducing the pleasures of smoked seafood to an uninitiated palate.

Started in 1978, Ducktrap River of Maine is an all-natural smokehouse located on the coast of Maine with a strong commitment to producing premium quality smoked seafood. Ducktrap sources premium-grade seafood, uses traditional smoking techniques and combines the natural flavor of custom brining recipes with the savory smoke from local apple, cherry, maple and oak woods.

Please know that with every delicious bite, you experience the proud, time-honored tradition of quality that has distinguished Ducktrap since their beginning in 1978.

  • Due to their perishable nature, please do not add smoked fish to gift baskets.