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Ridley's Mustard
Ridley's specialty mustards are prepared in small batches with the same care and attention to quality and taste as when Emily Ridley began creating her delicious recipes during the reign of Queen Victoria. Lovingly hand made in Wales, and beautifully packaged in distinctive highly decorative jars featuring specially commissioned illustrations, Ridley's Mustards are available in three distinct varieties:
  • Arcy Varcy: A complex grainy mustard made with English ale, horseradish, and chilies. A wonderful complement to meats and cheeses.
  • Dograpper: This strong English mustard is bright yellow in color and quite smooth in texture. This forceful condiment is sure to clear your sinuses!
  • Fuggle: "Fuggle" is the name of a type of British hop that goes into the production of certain ales, porters and stouts. It gives this grainy English pub mustard its unique character. Try it with deli meats, poultry, fish or with potatoes.
Varieties sold separately.