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American Spoonbill Caviar
Spoonbill Caviar, also called Paddlefish Caviar, is bold and gorgeous. This Caviar has relatively large pearls, colored from medium grey to stunning platinum. Although some mistake the Spoonbill for a genuine Sturgeon, it is not. Still, Spoonbill Caviar is a high-quality Caviar, comparable and highly accepted and sought after just as Sturgeon Caviar. Wild Spoonbill Caviar is very similar to Caspian Sevruga. Its pearls are grey, the Caviar has a rich taste, and is considered a premium Caviar in the market. With this wild American Paddlefish Caviar, just as all others, this Caviar is processed with Astrakhan® Caspian techniques.

This Caviar goes very nice on a Handmade Russian blini, a dollop of creme fraiche, and an ice cold shot of Vodka. The combination results in a silky smooth flavour and a crisp tingle. It's also a great Caviar for any garnish application or flavor enhancement. We welcome you to indulge in our American Spoonbill Paddlefish Caviar.

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