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Whole Wheat Panettone with Blackberries by Borsari
The Italian countryside is well represented with look and taste of this beautiful Christmas cake. The blackberries perfectly sweeten and balance the whole flour used in this cake. Borsari packaged this as an old world gift. It is hand-wrapped in a rustic style paper representing the companies long standing confectionary history and tradition.

Handed down from year to year, the secrets of the recipes still today give to all Borsari products that unique and unmistakable flavor, where fragrance and softness blend together to enliven your special occasions.

All ingredients, from flour to milk, eggs to butter, candied fruit to yeast, are of natural origin strictly fresh and genuine, free of preservatives and colorant. The Borsari strength lies, in fact, in the commitment dedicated to finding the best ingredients and the careful selection of all raw materials, constantly monitored from time of arrival at the establishment, up to the last stage of production.


The origin of the prestigious Borsari Trade Mark is born in the city of Verona, wonderful city which lies down on the banks of the Adige and the undisputed home of the Pandoro.

To the Roman emperor Claudio, who donated to the city a period of serene prosperity, is traced back the construction of the famous door Decumana, which offers an excellent example of Roman architecture scenery. Its denomination: Porta Borsari is however medieval and banded to the presence of the tax collectors, who stopped here to collect duties on goods in transit.

It was surely this medieval dream which impelled, back in 1903, the master confectioner Titian Golfetti to open, dedicating it to the Porta Borsari, his first craftsman laboratory. From his expert hands were born several pastry specialties, including first and foremost the typical soft and fragrant Pandoro, Panettone and Colombe with delicious cream fillings and vanilla scented chocolate, which Master Golfetti, reminiscent of the mythical "bursae" inserted in painted cartons.

Faithful the tradition of craftsmanship, which made excellent those early products, the Muzzi, current owners the Borsari company, continue to produce thousands of cream filled specialties, with the same care of the glorious old pastry makers.

  • Please note this is a seasonal item and is only available during the winter holiday.