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Royal Panettone with Custard Cream by Loison
Loison’s Royal Panettone with Custard Cream is enriched with cream and coated with icing. Produced in Costabissara, Italy, this traditional holiday cake with custard cream is naturally leavened, and its surface is etched in a cross cut pattern. Hand-wrapped and tied with a beautiful satin bow, this panettone is the perfect holiday gift!

The Loison story encompasses three generations of people able to constantly challenge themselves to keep up with the times and with food trends. Born as a small wood-oven bakery, through 75 years, the small workshop of Costabissara has become a well-established company whose production is in demand all over the world.

In 1938, when Tranquillo Loison opened his small bread bakery in Costabissara – a town on the outskirts of Vicenza - bread was a staple food for the majority of the population. However, the introduction of ration cards during World War II limited its distribution and consumption. The end of the war and the improvement of the economy led to an increase in the demand for sweeter and tastier products. That is when Tranquillo began producing focacce with figs and raisins. His son Alessandro soon expanded the range of products adding spreads, wedding cakes and fresh pastries that he would deliver personally to local coffee shops and families.

In 1955, Alessandro began specializing in the production and sales of Panettone and Pandoro cakes, yielding about 20-30 kilos a day. This new activity, together with the pastry line, was immediately much more profitable than selling bread alone, a product that was discontinued in 1960.

In 1992, Alessandro's son Dario joined and eventually took over the company contributing to its international expansion as a symbol of what’s ‘Made in Italy.

Dario Loison and Sonia Pilla represent the third generation of Loison. They faced together the professional journey each focused to his/her own way. Dario is the entrepreneurial genius, in his opinion tradition and innovation are not parallel tracks, but two areas that are closely connected; Sonia is the romantic and wistful soul, the one who created the Loison’s style, a perfect design expression.