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Size: 16 fl ozs
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Blueberry Finn - All Natural Craft Cocktail Blend
Apples have a delicate taste that enhances the blueberries without overwhelming them, similar to vermouth in a Rye Manhattan. AJC adds lime juice and homemade almond extract to bond the flavors together. The vitamin-rich berries are loaded with antioxidants, which help to cleanse the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system.

The bold flavors are low in sugar and allow for 16 cocktails per bottle.

Made from approximately 1.5 lbs of fruit per bottle.

Made with blueberry, apple lime, non-allergenic almond.

American Juice Company has been making all-natural juice blends specifically designed for cocktails out of seasonal fruits, vegetables and spices over the past three years. Their blends are all locally produced in Queens, NY and are used by top restaurants and bars like The Modern, Daniel, Mandarin Oriental NYC and iconic cocktail clubs like  The Campbell Apartment.  Their most popular blends are now available for at-home cocktail enthusiasts to make drinks with ease at the same level as the world's top mixologists. AJC are also proud to share that they were the official cocktail mixer of the prestigious Belmont Stakes 2016.