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Chocolate Fondue by Mazet
These acclaimed French Chocolate Fondues are products of the Mazet Company, the company that invented the original caramelized almonds named after the Duke of Praslin (prah-leen), sponsor of Confiserie Mazet during the reign of Louis XIII. This company's illustrious history has now been rewritten with their introduction of Chocolate Fondues packed in beautiful, microwaveable glass serving jars. These luscious dessert dips make for an ideal after-dinner delight. Simply dip slices of fruit, pieces of cake or cookies, nuts, marshmallows, or anything else you think would go well with chocolate and enjoy! Available in 5 varieties, choose your favorite flavor or try them all. They are designed for quick preparation, which only takes 3 minutes, so they can be served piping hot right after dinner. C'est magnifique!

Varieties sold separately.