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Hot Pepper Jelly by Norka Chile Jelly - Original
Exotic and delicious Chile-Jelly Original is a hot pepper jelly from the happy land of Costa Rica. We had the pleasure of meeting the makers of this fabulous chile jelly on a trip to Costa Rica last year. The heat is gentle and flavorful. Chile-Jelly Original is made of delicate pieces of sweet red pepper combined with exotic hot pepper, in a mixture of natural vinegar and natural sugar. We knew that these jellies would be the perfect pairing for many of our cheeses, but have since discovered so many ways to use them. Use as a relish for your favorite sandwich, hot dogs and hamburgers. Makes a great dipping sauce for shrimp and even chicken fingers. Brush over fish and chicken and grill. Awesome with eggs or spread on a bagel with cream cheese. We have even made salad dressings that get a bit of punch with the addition of Norka's chile jellies.

Chile-Jelly Original (CJO) is manufactured under a strict and healthy environment, using only fresh vegetables, sweet peppers and spicy peppers. Cane Sugar, pectin and vinegar are added to coax out the fresh flavors . Chile Jelly is packed in 300g glass jars, that let the natural color of the jelly come through, as well as the pieces of fruit. No additives, color enhancers, preservatives or flavor enhancers are used.

Artisan made in Costa Rica.

Gluten Free.