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Calabrese Salami by Creminelli - Bulk Size
The Calabria region is known for spicy foods, including the all-important Calabrese salami, also known as pepperoni. The Creminelli version is spicy but not overwhelming, with nice garlic and a pleasant fatty unctuousness, making it ideal as a pepperoni for pizza. It has the same coarsely ground whole cuts of meat and cured meat flavor from Creminelli’s signature slow curing that makes it equally as pleasant on a sandwich or on its own.

A deli slicer is required for best results. The Calabrese should be cut about the thickness of a dime or slightly thicker, particularly if meant to be used as pepperoni for pizza. The collagen casing and netting gives it a uniform shape making it easy to peel and slice. The peel is not edible and you should take care to remove it completely before slicing.

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Organic Spices, Natural Flavors, Sugars, Organic Garlic, Starter Cultures (in collagen casing)