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Eco Cafe Gold Mountain Special Reserve in Gift Tin - Ground
Gold Mountain Special Reserve is cultivated in the Miramar region located on the West Coast of Costa Rica, at 3600 feet to 4200 feet high. The Pacific Ocean strongly influences it’s characteristics: an intense chocolate flavor, ending with sweet notes in the palate. This coffee is sun dried for 12 to 14 days in order to guarantee a smooth, clean cup. This medium-dark roast limited reserve will remind you of the celebrated Hawiian Kona.

Comes packed in a dramatic black and gold reusable gift tin. This makes an impressive gift for any coffee lover.

Eco Café support the communities where they do business. With every purchase you are also contributing directly to the conservation of the environment of the world through Fundación Café Forestal and the commitments every Organic and FairTrade™ product must comply at origin with the environment, communities and fair relations with producers.

It is because of this important relationship with the producers that Costa Rica Coffee Export decided to link their Eco Cafe to the FairTrade association, which pleads for fair prices and equity with direct benefits for the producers through 5 fundamental principles: fair price, good working conditions, direct commerce, community development and environmental sustainability. All of their products carry on their package the FairTrade™ certification seal as proof of their commitment with the program and certification.

Fair Trade Certified.

100% Cafe Arabica Coffee.

Limited Edition.

Grown, Roasted and Ground in Costa Rica. Medium - Dark Roast.