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8 Myles Pineapple Buffalo Sauce - Mild Mannered
An incredible buffalo sauce made with REAL pineapples. Gluten free and made with naturally processed sugars. A solid kick mixed with a hint of citrus brings the taste buds to life! Fantastic on poultry such as wings, salmon, and even scrambled eggs.

Ingredients: Pineapple, Cayenne Pepper Sauce (aged cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt garlic powder), Unsalted Butter, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic Powder, Tabasco, Honey, Salt, Red Pepper Flakes, Xantham Gum, Water.

8 Myles is a producer of gourmet sauces and dry rubs. Their sauces break the mold of the common condiment and bring the taste buds to life! They are gluten free, made with naturally processed sugars, and real fruits.

8 Myles is not only a producer of great products, it's also a lifestyle brand. 8 Myles created and stands behind #EmbraceEveryMile, which is a focus on the appreciation of life and the celebration of both the little and big moments that occur in our lives.

Naturally Gluten Free.

No Processed Sugars.