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Black Tea by Mondaisa - 20 Bags
Black tea, like the rest of the tea family, is rich in polyphenols. Mondaisa Black Tea is grown in South America. Widely known for Mate tea, South America is less known for growing black tea. In fact Argentina is the 11th tea producer in the world while Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador also produce black tea. There is much to discover about the flavor of their black teas. Mondaisa's tea possesses a strong, rich flavor and aroma. An excellent morning or break time tea.

MONDAISA Is a family-owned tea company with almost thirty years of experience. It all began with an american herbologist who came to Costa Rica, fell in love with the country and using all the variety of plants and herbs from this tropical country, created unique teas with amazing health benefits. A wide variety of plants used are grown by small farmers from across Costa Rica: from the skirts of the Poas Volcano, to the plains in San Carlos to the border of Nicaragua, to Quepos, close to the Pacific Ocean.