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Passata Pomodorino Ciliegino (Cherry Tomato) Sauce
Tomato passata is the base for all Italian tomato sauces. It is uncooked tomato puree without seeds or skins which is seasoned liberally with salt, bottled and preserved to be used in sauce dishes throughout the year. Essentially, it is tomato sauce in its rawest form.

The Libretti Group, based in Vittoria, Ragusa, Sicily, has been a leader in the fresh fruit and vegetable market since 1930. This area of Sicily was covered by the sea millions of years ago, the salty earth, rich mineral deposits, abundant sun and low humidity make for perfect growing conditions for fruit and vegetables. Bottega di Sicilia was created in 2011 to promote their preserved fruit and vegetable line. Their products are tied to Sicilian tradition, with raw materials coming exclusively from their own farms in Sicily. Complete traceability all the way along the production chain, processed within eight hours of harvest and an optimum shelf life for exporting abroad are all factors that make their sauces so exceptional.