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Fat Cat Chairman Meow's Revenge: Scorpion Pepper Sauce
This blast-worthy blend gets its bodacious bite from the superhot scorpion pepper - one of the spiciest chilies on earth. Fat Cat paired it with some extreme aromatics, including garlic, cilantro and lime juice, to craft a strong and savory sauce that stings with serious flavor and heat. Great on pizza, sandwiches, tacos or burgers, mixed into salsa and soup, or dabbed on grilled meats and vegetables.

Heat Level: 10+ (out of 10).


Fat Cat is an award-winning boutique condiments company dedicated to making gourmet hot sauces and spicy specialty condiments. Their products are all-natural and preservative-free, and made from top-quality ingredients. Like many hot sauces, Fat Cat integrates various chili peppers, spices and other items into the mix. But rather than test the limits of the Scoville scale, they prefer to highlight the flavors and quality of their ingredients first and foremost. Some of their sauces are hot, some are mild - but each features a complex array of natural ingredients and pure flavors that complements a wide range of foods. One taste, and you’ll be hooked for life. It’s purr-fectly good.