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Zamorano DOP
Close to the border with Portugal lies the breathtaking region of Castile-Leon, known across Europe for its spectacular scenery and wonderful cheeses. The most famous of these, justly, is Zamorano, a traditional farmhouse sheep's milk cheese. This cheese is made exclusively from milk taken from the Churra, which yields the highest grade milk of any breed of sheep. The pure Churra milk gives Zamorano a wonderful texture that is far less grainy than Manchego, its more popular cousin from La Mancha.

Matured in a high humidity environment to encourage the formation of a natural rind, Zamorano is typically aged for six months. Subtle hints of caramel and grass burst through the buttery nature of the cheese, making it ideal to serve with ham, fruit, and some crusty bread. The potency of this mature sheep's milk cheese counterbalances well with the Crianza red from Ribera del Duero.

  • Made from unpasteurized sheep's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole half of a 7 lb. wheel.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.