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Swedish Crispbread Wedges by Leksands
The Leksand Crispbread story began when Jon Olofsson and Anna Olsson started a bakery in the 1920s. Anna was locally famous for her baked rusks, which she enjoyed giving to friends, neighbors and even grocery stores who would in turn sell them. Jon, who was more practical, helped Anna turn her talents into a thriving business. The two had five children, three girls and two boys, who all had to start work at the bakery to keep up with demand. Today, the 4th generation of the family still controls the business.

Knäcke, also called crisp bread or hard bread, is a staple of the Swedish smörgåsbord. Made of wholemeal rye flour, knäcke is prized for its flavor, nutrition, and the ability to stay fresh for a long period of time if kept cool and dry. Spread with a little butter, knäcke is perfect for topping with cured salmon, herring, cheese, or vegetable dips. Kosher