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Thin Crispbread by Finn Crisp
Finn Crisp brand thin crispbread are delicately thin crackers with a deliciously grainy and crispy taste. An essential part of a healthy and light diet with only some 20 calories per slice, they are ideal as a light snack in between meals and irresistible topped with cheese, savory spreads or herring or salmon.

Because Finn Crisp Thin Crispbreads are bursting with healthy whole grains, they are ideal as healthy and low fat snacks or just crunchy festive fun. The Finn Crisp range of crispbreads include Original (rye with sourdough rye), Multigrain, Caraway and 5 WholeGrain varieties. All Finn Crisp crispbreads are delicious yet nutritious.

  • Varieties sold separately.
  • Kosher