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CiocoReale White Chocolate and Honey Spread by Terre Umbre
The sinful richness of white chocolate and the energy of honey combine to create a spreadable cream of delectable flavor and velvety smoothness. A sweet but not too sweet spread, it is great with bread or as a filling for sweet desserts. CioccoReale also adds Italian flair when dissolved in Espresso, black coffee or Cappuccino. Your coffee will gain sweet all-natural flavors, making each sip a special moment to savor.

This premium delight hails from the famous chocolate-making city of Perugia. Perugia, located in Umbria, is famous for chocolate thanks to Perugina, a large chocolate maker located there since 1922. Terre Umbre's products contain no palm oil, a saturated fat that is a good filler for lesser chocolates because it is relatively flavorless and remains solid at room temperature. Believe it or not, including palm oil (or alternatively coconut oil) in chocolate bar manufacturing is extremely common. Aside from their firm stance against the use of palm oil, Terre Umbre is well known and appreciated in Umbria for the quality of its products. The brand was founded in 2005 by Luca Brugnami whose mission was to create, produce and distribute the best Umbrian food specialties while scrupulously respecting their traditional, local recipes.