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Eucalyptus Honey by Terre Umbre
For centuries, honey has been nicknamed "Liquid Gold", not only because of its golden color, but also because of its tremendous value. Before the world was introduced to cane sugar, honey was the predominant ingredient used for sweetening and, with over 1,500 calories per pound, an important source of energy. In fact, to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, honey was a prized commodity that was used as a medium of exchange.

The bees who make Terre Umbre's Eucalyptus Honey take their nectar from acres of Umbrian Eucalyptus trees. This Eucalyptus honey has a sweet taste with medicinal notes, clearly indicating a strong presence of eucalyptus pollen. Its color is pure amber and it quickly crystallizes, turning a darker color. To return this honey to a liquid state, simply heat the jar in warm water, stirring to smooth the texture. Enjoy it in tea or simply by the spoonful to soothe a sore throat or get a boost of energy.

This premium delight hails from Perugia, located in Umbria. Terre Umbre is well known and appreciated in Umbria for the quality of its products. The brand was founded in 2005 by Luca Brugnami whose mission was to create, produce and distribute the best Umbrian food specialties while scrupulously respecting their traditional, local recipes.

  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.