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Wild Berries Honey 40gr by Terre Umbre

Besides the various honeys we decided to create a series of other 13 flavors by adding fruit pastes of superior quality; these new flavors are appreciated even by those who usually does not like honey and can be used not only in the traditional ways but are also excellent in combination with cheese.

Perhaps Perugia is the most popular Italian city for its chocolate. In 1922 by Luisa Spagnoli, trying to keep the costs of production, was produced a chocolate by mixing the chopped hazelnuts, residue of many processes, adding a whole hazelnut, and covering it with a distinctive dark chocolate. Thus was born the famous chocolate called Kiss known today worldwide. From the experience gained from working in the famous Perugina factory were born then, over the years, many artigianal workshops still appreciated for the excellent quality.

The chocolate bars and spreads are perhaps unique, compared to other similar products, because they not contain palm oil. Instead the honeys with fruit are born rather as the result of a research aimed to do appreciate honey to those who do not particularly like but then also discovered as valid and original combination with cheeses.

The brand is well known and appreciated in our land for the quality of its products

The brand was founded in 2005 by Mr Luca Brugnami who had the idea to create, produce and distribute a single brand the best food specialties Umbrian scrupulously respecting the local recipes.