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Veneziana Raisin Panettone by Pasticceria Righetto
This true artisan panettone is so pleasing to the palate with its wonderful fresh baked aroma and perfectly balanced soft cake and raisins. One bite of this cake and your mind will be transported to an Italian bakeshop.

"To sweeten life is our specialty."
This is the Righetto family motto. The Righetto family company specializes in the art of baking and pastry production maintaining the family heritage of originality, kindness and excellent craftsmanship. Dante Righetto began this artisan bakery in Barbarano Vicentino in 1951. Today, the passion and knowledge has carried on through his 4 daughters, Marta, Alex, Christian and Marzia with help from their mother, Lidia. We had the pleasure of sampling their exquisite pastries at their family bakery in the small town of Barbarano Vicentino, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. We were struck by the charm of the family and the perfection of their pastries. All of their raw ingredients are carefully sourced from the Berici Hills.

Raisin Veneziana Ingredients: Soft wheat flour, water, milk, butter, yolk, sugar, skimmed-milk powder, sunflower oil, natural yeast and powder, dextrose, salt, natural flavors and raisin.

ICING:sugar, almonds, egg white, flavorings, sunflower oil.