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Copate with Almonds by Masoni - 100g
The copata is a Sienese Christmas treat. These cookies have been made in Siena since the middle ages. Of Arabic origin, Cupata comes from the word, qubbat, meaning almonds. This delicacy was originally made by nuns in Carmelite monasteries, but today are a specialty served throughout Siena, especially during the holidays. These round cookies consist of two thin white wafers with a nougat filling – almonds, honey and sugar held together by egg white. This cherished dessert is best served after dinner with coffee or preferably a glass of Vin Santo. We are thrilled to offer this rare Tuscan treat.

The Masoni family have been baking exceptional sweets for over 130 years in Colle Val D’Elsa in Tuscany, Italy in the province of Siena. Their traditional pastry recipes from Panforte to Ricciarelli have been handed down for generations and today they remain known for their use of simple, high quality ingredients to produce these Italian favorites. Treasured across the Val d'Elsa, we are pleased to bring to you the inimitable flavors of Siena.