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Raw Beeswax Candle - 3x3 Pillar
This 100% raw beeswax candle is lightly scented by honey and only colored by pollen. It is made from pure, natural beeswax in its purest form. Made exclusively with cotton wicks, this candle are both lead-free and paraffin-free.

Beeswax is a sweet, simple renewable fuel that burns long and bright. It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Beeswax has the highest melting point of any other candle wax, and thus provides ridiculously long burning times.

Beeswax Emits Negative Ions!
Yes, it's true, and finally there is a scientific study to back up the hype! For years, alternative health practitioners, entomologists, and, most notably, beeswax candle makers have celebrated the fact that beeswax is the only candle fuel that emits negative ions which in turn cleans the air. In a study performed by a Japanese laboratory comparing the negative ion emissions of a paraffin candle versus a beeswax candle, the paraffin candle did indeed emit negative ions, but did so at a significantly lower rate than the beeswax candle. So while beeswax is not the only fuel to emit negative ions, it is definitely superior to paraffin. It is not widely advertised that paraffin wax, the most common wax used to make candles, is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and may contain carcinogenic impurities.