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Eleia X Paul Insect Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Ltd Edition
ELEIA X PAUL INSECT 1000 limited edition bottles inspired and designed by the famous controversial London based artist, Paul Insect, exclusively for Eleia. Each bottle is numbered on the bottom and contains 0.5 L of their private reserve unique Greek Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made from 100% Koroneiki olives, this olive oil is a work of art from the inside out. Fruity and robust, this beautifully balanced Greek oil has notes of wild herbs.

Alexandros Spiliadis has created the largest olive grove in Greece, adding to the olive trees previously planted by his ancestors in Lechaina, Ilia in the Western Peloponnese. Today he has 40,00 trees on his family land property on a hill named "Toumba." Unlike other olive groves, the distance among their trees is long, leaving a huge space for their rooting zone. The combination of the sea breeze and the quality of the ground makes their olive grove unique.

Paul Insect is a UK street artist, who is most famous for his 2007 solo show Bullion exhibition at London's Art gallery, Lazarides Gallery. Damien Hirst is reported to be a fan of Insect, having purchased the show days before it opened. Insect, who also goes by the name of PINS, worked alongside artist Banksy at the Cans Festival, the Santa's Ghetto project in Bethlehem, and on the separation wall in Palestine.

Insect is well known for his collective named 'insect' which started in 1996, and disbanded in 2005. Insect held an exhibition at a disused sex shop in London's Kings Cross area in 2008 in partnership with Lazarides Gallery. This contained 12 bronze skulls with color enameled bunny ears.

Insect created the artwork for San Francisco-based hip-hop producer DJ Shadow's 2006 The Outsider album.

Paul Insect's sharp-edged images combine all the absurdism of Dada with the sleekness of modernism, yielding surreal renderings that point playfully at the deep dark underbelly of adult life. In the 1990s, Insect became known for his witty stencil and spray painted works, before transitioning to the gallery scene with color-drenched canvases, which teetered precariously between tradition, and something far more messed up. Never before has chaos been channeled in such clean lines.