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Monocultivar Rajo Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Suatoni
This EVOO is made exclusively from "Rajo" olives. The olives come from trees that are native to Umbria and are hundreds of years old. This olive almost disappeared, but was saved by local farmers for the production of this unique monocultivar oil.

Extracted by rigorously cold mechanical processes, this extra virgin olive oil "Rajo" is produced by "Il Frantoio" Suatoni. The Suatoni family has been making olive oil for more than half a century (first with grandfather Franco, then with his son Vincenzo and today with Francesco Suatoni, grandson of the founder). Already well established and known in the area for the production of extra virgin olive oils extracted from different types of olives (especially Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio), since 1998, Francesco wanted to bet on the production of a single variety "Rajo" producing an extra virgin olive oil by the taste and absolutely unique flavor.

The character of this extra virgin olive oil lies in its taste; the beautiful scents of walnut, fresh almond, musk and chicory and the excellent balance between the right spiciness (reminiscent of green tomato) and a bitterness soft and elegant, making it perfect for seasoning a grilled steak, or even better in Umbrian pulse soups. This oil is so unusual, you might want to save it for dipping or just a drizzle to finish dishes.