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Organic MiteVerde di Colonna Green Olives in Brine
These Italian green olives are a variety known as "Termite di Bitetto." They are round with a firm texture and mild flavor, almost like prunes. It is the only variety of olives that can be eaten straight off the tree. The difference between MiteVerde and MiteNera is that the MiteVerde olives are green and picked slightly earlier, before they are fully ripe. Great as an appetizer, on meat dishes, together with sword fish, grouper or red snapper, and in salads.
Rinse before use and keep refrigerated after opening.

Masseria Bosco Pontoni is near San Martino in Pensilis, 120 meters above sea level. Situated on the border between Molise and Puglia, the estate has been in the Colonna family since the start of the 19th century when Prospero Colonna received the land from the Duchess Cattaneo di Sannicandro as part of her dowry.T he land is hilly with medium-textured soil, partially south facing. This stunning estate has vast stretches of olive groves, wheat and sunflowers. Herons, hawks and migratory birds pause to feed at the estate’s three artificial lakes, the first innovative project in Southern Italy carried out by don Francesco in the early 1960s.