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Lemon Infused Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Pistelli
This condiment is produced by Frantoio Pistelli using only Umbrian extra virgin olive oil and Italian lemon infusions. Perfect for enhancing dishes it gives that extra special touch to grilled meat, grilled fish, salad or sweets.

Frantoio Pistelli harvests their Umbrian olives by hand, then presses them in their mill within a few hours. This rapid transition creates an extra virgin olive oil that embodies a particular harmony of color, aroma and taste.

The importance of following strict processing parameters from the olive grove to the bottle guarantees that Frantoio Pistelli olive oils have the highest organoleptic quality and the best nutritional characteristics; a fine balance of bitter and spicy, fruity and herbaceous. This respected family business has been making extra virgin olive oil in Umbria, Italy for three generations. They are proud and grateful to be a producer of one of the finest foods in the world - Umbrian Olive Oil. For Frantoio Pistelli, producing the finest olive oil possible is more than just a craft; it's an artisanal profession, marrying ancient wisdom with modern technology.