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Turkish Coffee - Yemen by NAR Gourmet
"Coffee comes from Yemen!" chants an old folk song, summing up the history of Turkish coffee. Indeed, Yemen is the origins of Turkish coffee, now after centuries, the original taste of Turkish coffee is re-introduced by Nar Gourmet Turkish Coffee – Yemen Origin.

The first coffee beans of the Ottoman capital were brought to the Sublime Porte by Özdemir Pasha, governor of Yemen during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. Since then the Tahtakale quarter near Golden Horn is intoxicated by the haunting smell of freshly roasted coffee.

After mid 1500’s Istanbul became the hub of coffee culture, where Turkish coffee was served in delicate coffee cups following a refined ritual of roasting and grinding. The decorum of preparing and serving coffee was so refined in the Ottoman palace that even a position titled "kahvecibaþý’, chief coffee maker, was instituted. A cup Turkish coffee along with a glass of cold water served in a crystal glass and with its inseparable companion, the Turkish delight was also often accompanied by poetry and music in the royal and elite circles of the Ottoman capital. From Istanbul, the habit of coffee spread to Europe, then to the rest the world.

Grown at an altitude of 2500 meters, history and sophistication is blended in Yemen Coffee, through the use of centuries-old traditional methods that achieve a complex flavor with an almost wild twist. A product of rare and limited cultivation, Nar Gourmet Yemen Coffee is bound to allure coffee aficionados with its timeless grace.