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Turkish Coffee - Brazil by NAR Gourmet
"The memory of a single cup of coffee lasts forty years!"
This Turkish expression reveals the significance of coffee in Turkish culture. Coffee was first introduced to the world by the Turks. The first coffee beans of the Ottoman capital were brought to Istanbul by Özdemir Pasha, governor of Yemen during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. Since then the Tahtakale quarter near Golden Horn is intoxicated by the haunting smell of freshly roasted coffee.

After mid 1500’s Istanbul became the hub of coffee culture, where Turkish coffee was served in delicate coffee cups following a refined ritual of roasting and grinding. The decorum of preparing and serving coffee was so refined in the Ottoman palace that even a position titled "kahvecibaþý’, chief coffee maker, was instituted. A cup Turkish coffee along with a glass of cold water served in a crystal glass and with its inseparable companion, the Turkish delight was also often accompanied by poetry and music in the royal and elite circles of the Ottoman capital. From Istanbul, the habit of coffee, the new passion crossing borders, spread to Europe, then to the rest the world.

Growing demand for coffee, led to the development of new cultivation areas. Soon after the establishment of first coffee plantations in Brazil by early 18th century, Brazilian coffee started to dominate the Ottoman market, partly because the Yemeni production was very limited. Arabica coffee, essential for Turkish coffee, grown in 800-meter altitude in mountainous terrains of Brazil, yields coffee beans with low acidity with a bold, yet smooth body, bearing chocolate and nutty aromas with a sweet finish, ideal for Turkish coffee.