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Turkish Black Tea by NAR Gourmet
In Turkey, drinking tea is an unconditional part of life. Turkish tea is the essential companion to every occasion; from morning to bedtime, enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Tea is a medium of communication, an act of hospitality, a channel for breaking the ice with complete strangers. In Turkey, you’re likely to be offered tea at all times, even in the most unlikely situations.

Although tea was known to Turks for centuries, it was only at the beginning of the 19th century that it was realized the right conditions for its cultivation existed in Eastern Black Sea region. Starting from the early days of the Republic, Turkey fast became a tea cultivator ranking 5th in the world. Tea became the new popular drink of Turkey, also a manifestation of economic independence, replacing coffee that had to be imported. Coffee held its traditional place in hospitality, but tea became the overall ubiquitous drink that embraces every moment of life, enjoyed by all, so much so that at most homes, the day starts by brewing tea the first thing in the morning.

Turkish tea is cultivated with natural methods at the mountainous terrains of Eastern Black Sea region where the use of pesticides becomes unnecessary due to adequate snowfall during winter. Tea grown in the highlands contains strong aromatic compounds, which give the Turkish tea its unique character. Known also by the name of the town of Rize, the epicenter of tea cultivation, Nar Gourmet Rize Turkish Tea is a blend of the selection of the best leaves.

Turkish tea is brewed with freshly boiled water in a porcelain teapot (demlik), set on top of another one (çaydanlýk), full with simmering water for 15-20 minutes to develop its full flavor. This brewing method allows developing deeper flavors and a darker brew, much enjoyed in Turkey. Turkish tea is strong, but one can easily adjust the strength by filling the glass half with strong tea and topping up with hot water. Turkish tea is best enjoyed in glasses with a slender waist revealing its aroma and displaying its purest clarity and strikingly scarlet hue. The ruby red tea shining through a tulip shaped glass has thus become a symbol of Turkey and Turkish hospitality.