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Glenfiddich Christmas Pudding by Walkers
Christmas Pudding originated in the 14th century as a porridge called frumenty. It was eaten as a fasting dish in preparation for the Christmas festivities. By 1595, it was evolving into a plum pudding thickened with eggs, bread crumbs, dried fruit, and ale or spirits. In 1664, the Puritans banned it saying it was a "lewd tradition", unfit for "god fearing people". Later, George I ate it, loved it, and re-established this pudding as a Christmas feast tradition (despite upsetting the Quakers). By Victorian times, the pudding had evolved to what we eat today and has remained a British tradition. Our Christmas Pudding is handmade in England with Hennessy Cognac. Over 68 million Brits will be eating a Christmas Pudding over the holidays. Why not join in the tradition? Serve it topped with brandy butter. (sold separately).
  • Please note this is a seasonal item and is only available during the winter holiday.