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ChocoOBeer - Belgian Beer Filled Chocolates
ChocOBeer is a one-of-a kind, artisanal-made product, that combines two established Belgian Traditions: Rich Belgian beers and the highest quality of chocolate. Belgian Master Chocolatier Dirk Naert, known throughout the world for making exquisite artisanal liquor chocolates, worked several years to achieve the perfect combination of dark, rich Belgian chocolates filled with authentic Belgian craft beers for a true taste delight.

The ChocOBeer container resembels a mini beer crate containing 14 individually wrapped beer shaped pralines featuring a liquid beer filling. Produced in collaboration with 'Vander Ghinste' Brewery, Brewery 'De Halve Maan' and Palm Breweries.

Vander Ghinste Brewery:
  • OMER, a traditional Blonde.
  • Kriek Max, an intense flavored cherry beer that is bottom fermented and spontaneously fermented.
  • Rose Max, based on a wheat beer with 70% malt snd 30% wheat enriched with raspberries.
Palm Breweries:
  • PALM: The "Speciale Belge Ale" beer style.
  • Grand Cru by RODENBACH is a more pronounced version of the "Flanders Red-Brown Beer" style.
De Halve Maan:
  • Bruges Fool (Bruges Zot) Brugse Zot is a delicious golden beer.