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Crowley Sharp
Crowley's cheese making history began in Healdville, Vermont, in 1824. In 1882, Winfield Crowley built a small, 30 feet by 30 feet, three-story building. Crowley Cheese continues to be made in this factory. The entire production process is completely "human" powered. Only a few hundred pounds of cheese are made each day and the process is exactly the same as when the factory was established. There is no automatic stirring equipment or other devices.

Although similar to the English-style cheddars made by other Vermont producers, Crowley Cheese is an "American Original." There are very few cheeses that originated in the United States. Most came with the various immigrant groups who settled our country. Similar to a cheddar and grouped in the cheddar family of cheeses, Crowley Cheese is officially designated by the FDA as a "Colby" even though it is not truly similar to industrial Colby and despite the fact that Crowley Cheese was made for decades before Colby cheese, named after Colby, Wisconsin, existed. Crowley Cheese is the only remaining original Vermont cheese.

Because of steps that are taken that are not done in making an English style cheddar, Crowley Cheese is neither as dry nor nearly as acidic as cheddar. It does not take as long to develop a strong robust flavor. Some cheddars take as much as several years to pass beyond bland or pasty. When compared with traditional cheddar, Crowley Cheese has a smoother, some say "creamier" taste. The taste difference is noticeable.

Today, after three generations of Crowley's and two generations of Smith's, Crowley Cheese continues to make one of the finest cheeses in America.

  • The oldest continuously operated cheese producer in the United States.
  • Unpasteurized cow's milk (certified BST & BGH free).
  • Photo depicts 23 lb. wheel.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.
  • Voted Best Colby in the Nation by the American Cheese Society.