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Chevre and Fruit by Coach Farms
Fresh fruit and a young chevre is a marriage made in heaven. Enjoy this pairing anytime with Coach Farm's new fresh goat cheese stuffed with fruit. Available in either Pear or Fig, these four ounce rolls of fresh goat cheese have a soft and sweet filling of real fruit. Perfect as an appetizer, these are also a delight served with a salad of tender greens, sliced apples, and toasted walnuts.

Coach Farm has been making goat cheese in New York's Hudson Valley since the 1980s. The company was founded by the owners of Coach Leather Company, known for purses and leather bags. The leap to cheese was made when the owners sold the company and moved to the country. Coach Farm follows the tradition of French cheesemaking. Their goat cheeses are reminiscent of French chevre, but have a unique Hudson Valley flair.

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