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Berkshire Surryano Virginia Ham - Sliced
Chefs from New York to San Francisco are giving Edward's of Surry, Virgina Surryano Ham their highest ratings and using it (instead of expensive Prosciutto, Serrano, and Westphalian imports) when their culinary creations call for lean, dry-cured ham. Surryano Hams are produced only from rare Heritage Breed Berkshire hogs, 100% pasture-raised to produce perfectly marbled meat and a rich, distinctive flavor. Surryano ham is dry cured in salt, then smoked for a full 7 days over smoldering hickory. After that, each leg is aged for a minimum of 400 days. Presliced paper thin, this ham is moist, delicate and perfect for appetizers, hors d'oeurves, and entrees of all kinds.

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