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Arrope (Grape Must and Pumpkin Condiment)
Arrope i Tallaetes is a blend of syrupy grape must and candied pumpkin. Produced throughout Spain, this molasses-like condiment was actually brought by the Moors of North Africa as a way to preserve late-harvest fruits and vegetables. In ways, Arrope begins life like balsamic vinegar; grape juice, skins, and seeds are pressed into a pulp, then cooked down into a thick pulp of grape must. Unlike balsamic, Arrope isn't fermented into vinegar, but keeps its sweet, thick flavor of raisins, plums, and caramelized sugars. Then slices of pumpkin are cooked into the Arrope and mashed into a puree, adding additional sweetness and a creamy body to the jam.

Arrope is an ancient preserve, used to sweeten everything from drinks to desserts. As cane sugar and beet sugar became cheap and widely available, Arrope became an increasingly rare, country condiment. Spoon Arrope over fresh chevre, Brie, or slices of young sheep's milk cheese. Try Arrope instead of honey to sweeten vinaigrettes and fruit salads. During summer, a spoonful of Arrope is surprisingly refreshing in ice water and seltzer. It's also perfect for finishing off ice cream, flans, seared foie gras, tangines of lamb, and to cut the richness of duck confit.

Made only of grape must and pumpkin. No added sugar, pectin, or preservatives.