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BUIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Umbria by CUFROL
The first distinguishing feature of BUIO (Darkness in Italian) is that CUFROL has been able to conserve its original qualities thanks to a unique production and storage process which takes place in complete absence of oxygen, thus guaranteeing an almost perfect CONSERVATION. The second distinguishing feature is the PACKAGING, the dark, anti-UV shielded glass bottle evokes the original intentions of BUIO’s creators: protection from light. Light is oil's enemy as it activates the aging process. It was created in 2011 as a brand for multiple reasons: the intense dark color of the oil but above all the unique production and conservation method which takes place in utter darkness.

GMO free and rich in antioxidants, this amazing oil is perfect for every kind of bruschetta, legume soup or grilled red meats.

C.U.FR.OL. Frantoi Oleari Umbri & Co. (Umbrian Olive Mills & Co.) is based in Spoleto, in the central Italian region of Umbria. This company was born out of the collective spirit of the owners of some of the oldest olive mills in Umbria, like the Gradassi Mill (1639), Menconi Mill (1661) and Tiziano Scacaroni. It was the passion of these entrepreneurs for extra virgin olive oil that pushed them to combine their energies to create a central bottling and storage center into which all of their best production flows.

DOP Protected Designation of Origin UMBRIA.