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Panettone with Orange & Grand Marnier by Pasticceria Aliverti
Handcrafted Panettone naturally leavened with candied orange peel, soaked with Grand Marnier. Soft chunks of candied orange embraced by the fragrance of Grand Marnier. A refined temptation. In the 15th century, as ordered by the ancient statutes of the guilds, the bakers in Milan kneaded the bread of the poor (millet bread, called pan de mej) were forbidden to produce bread of the rich and noble (white bread, said micca) with one exception: on Christmas Day, when aristocrats and plebeians could eat the same bread, donated by bakers to their customers. It was "scior pan" (scior is a local dialect form to say rich) or "pan de ton" which is the bread of luxury, pure wheat, stuffed with butter, honey and raisins.

The Panettone is a real icon of the Italian cake making, rich in history and tradition, known all over the world. Pasticceria Aliverti PanciĆ¼c (Drunken Bread) is a perfect combination of Grand Marnier and the ancient artisan panettone recipe, based on the use of baker's yeast and prime quality ingredients, which make it a true Piedmontese specialty. A blend of fragrances and aromas to satisfy even the most demanding palates with its elegant refined flavor and its incredible delicacy. A superior, exclusive and unique experience, perfect to be tasted all the year.

Pasticceria Aliverti is an artisan cake and pastry shop founded in 1955 in Arona, a charming town on the beautiful shores of Lago Maggiore (the second largest lake in Italy) in the province of Novara in the Piedmont region of Italy. Aliverti's master pastry chefs use carefelly selected ingredients, traditional and innovative recipes that lend their cakes and cookies their signature flavor.