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Premium Red Pesto Sauce with Truffle by Fattorie Umbre
Using their traditional red pesto as a base, Fattorie Umbre creates a surprising variation by adding exotic truffle aroma. The unique taste of this sun-dried tomato and truffle fusion has to be sampled to be believed! Fattorie Umbre's pasta sauces are created using beloved recipes with only all natural ingredients. The ingredients are melded and cooked into a sauce, then swiftly bottled and pasteurized to ensure preservation without the use of chemical additives.

Fattorie Umbre's corporate philosophy is to always search for the simplest and most genuine flavors for their products. This means never compromising when selecting raw materials and always using simple, traditional recipes and methods. Great care is always given to selecting raw materials, with special attention given to vegetables, herbs and spices rigorously chosen for their natural freshness. Fattorie Umbre uses pasteurization as its means of preservation; once a recipe has been prepared it is swiftly added to hermetically sealed, glass jars, followed by the pasteurization process. This involves maintaining the product at an elevated temperature for a specific time so as to eliminate any microorganisms responsible for the deterioration of food. Through this process the company avoids using chemical additives.

Fattorie Umbre has evolved from a small family business producing extra virgin olive oil to a robust company that creates a full line of oils, sauces, vegetable tapenades and more. Even though the company has grown, their inspiration still comes from the recipes and secrets of home cooking of the surrounding hills of Umbria.