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Organic Four-Colored Lasagna Sheets by Masseria Coppi
This unique type of organic lasagna is made through an extremely artistic and artisanal production. Different single-colored doughs, obtained from combining durum wheat semolina and natural extracts of spinach, turmeric, beet and paprika, are pressed into sheets then stacked on top of each other. Between the single layers of different colors, a light brush of water it is manually applied to unite them. The result of this hand-made processing is a big "cake", which itself is then passed through blades that transform it into thin, multicolor-striped sheets of lasagna. The sheets are then dried on special racks at low temperatures. The slow and extremely delicate drying process preserves the organoleptic properties of the wheat and keeps all of its minerals, vitamins and proteins intact. These elements are essential for the health of the human body. The most outstanding characteristics of this pasta are its very low percentage of humidity (8% to 9%) and its very high protein content. A perfectly balanced pasta, the company guarantees it to be highly digestible and, of course, delicious.

The uniqueness of Masseria Coppi's products lies in their traditional artisanal production and their high quality standards. Masseria Coppi offers a premium selection of the best artisanal products of Apulia (Puglia), a beautiful region in Italy's south that is famous for its excellent Mediterranean gastronomy.

Maurizio Coppi and Giuseppe Palmisano, two lifelong friends who grew up together in a small town in the heart of Apulia, created the Masseria Coppi brand in 2012. From the very beginning of their adventure, their aim has been to revive the history and traditions of the authentic "Masseria", the classic Apulian farmhouse. Situated in a countryside setting, the company's plant is surrounded by agriculture and villages where people make healthy natural foods at home. While it is off the beaten path, Maurizio and Giuseppe located the business there to always remember their precious childhood memories and preserve the century-old traditions of the Mediterranean diet.